April 18, 2017: Brandon on the Quarter Finals of La Voix!

Hey everyone! The quarter finals took place last night on La Voix and our singer, Brandon Mignacca, was in fine form as usual performing a rousing version of "En Apesanteur" by French singer, Calogero. The accompanying band was tight as hell and kept the tune rolling through its dynamic ups and downs. B-Mig even got to play a very psychedelic-looking piano which added flare to this already blistering number.


All good things come to an end, and so has his time on the show. It was a great run and this is a perfect time to move on to much greater things with the band he has been pushing for the past 8 years. Way to go out in style!

Thanks for everyone's support throughout the last few months.

Many new fans have been garnered which was the goal all along so mission accomplished.

Much more to come soon so stay tuned and keep spreading the word. We have a new video coming as well as a new EP in the works which will be ready fairly soon!



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