From the recording Throne

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Mixed by Grammy award winner David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, RUSH, Tool, Muse, Coheed and Cambria and many more) & Mastered by Joe LaPorta @ Sterling Sound.

-Written & Produced by Chair Warriors -Drums recorded by Jesse Zito @ TrueSonix Studio -Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals recorded by Brandon Mignacca @ HotBox Studio
Lyrics by Brandon Mignacca & Matt Ananian


Lyrics by onemoodyboy & Chair Warriors

I don't know what it is,
But you seem to like all the attention.
Telling your lies, your version of truth
Biting your tongue when I'm in the room.
In the dark you break all the rules
but under the light
You realize you can't hide
Not now, no way, no how


I will find you
I will bring down your throne.

I wont ever give in to hell in this world
or heaven in sin
Give me a spark I'll burn from within,
I'm leaving my mark, my retribution
There's no fight that I couldn't win
To fend for my life of tribulations
Won't lose, not now, no way, no how

I will find you
Climbing over mountains
Of bodies turned to ashes
I'll control you
I will bring down your throne
Gonna bring down your throne (Throne)

All this time I thought I needed saving, now
I’ll save you now. I won’t,
Ever leave you lonely ‘cause you got me now
You got me now. Just don't,
Ever try to cross me ‘cause I’ll show you how
I’ll show you how I vow.
I swear I’ll never let you think you got me now
I got you know I got you now, now, now

Time won't save you
You can try to fight it
Standing in defiance
I control you
I rule upon my throne
I rule upon my throne